Plant Engineering Data Digitalization

Plant Engineering Documents Digitalisation

Globally Plant owners are dealing with lot of inefficiencies in Plant O&M as mentioned below, due to their CAD locked Plant engineering data along with its inadequate information.

  • The cost of poor asset information equates to 1.5% of sales revenue per year
  • Businesses with poor asset information management processes are found have total business expenditures up to 5% higher

At the same time, it is observed that higher value is created when Plant Assets Engineering documents and data is combined with Industry 4.0 solutions like IIOT along with operational data from ERP and other enterprise systems to get whole new levels of visibility and insight for efficient Plant O&M.

So, it is essential to create Single digital storage of Plant Engineering data (Drawings and documents) and integrate it with other Industry 4.0 solutions to revolutionize the way for managing their “Industrial Plant O&M” throughout the life cycle.

Our Customer Challenges on Asset Engineering data

For Digitization of Engineering documents or data, Plant Owners across the industries facing common challenges of having Plant engineering data in variety of different formats among various repositories and systems in different plant locations of same organisation. In addition to this Engineering data is not sufficient and updated at par with the “as-built” makes this data non trustworthy and not enough for safe Plant O&M