3D Modelling and Detailing of Structural Steel

3D Modelling and Detailing of Structural Steel

It’s true that a good plan is a roadmap to success. Likewise, we take pride in the quality of our error free 3D steel modelling services.

Our teams focus on creating the most efficient and effective 3D models, including all the required calculations and drawings, to act as the single and best roadmap to success. We being an exceptional tech enabled engineering company, are jam-packed with adept engineers to provide structural steel detailing services for all kinds of structures in imperial and metric as per the AISC & BS standards.

Inventive offers a complete line of flawless detailing services using Advance Steel, Tekla. Keeping in mind the project complexity and criticalities involved, we work out every single detail – dimensions, raw materials, BOM, shop drawings, connection sketches, etc. – in our 2D drawings in accordance with the 3D model.

Our approach eliminates the chances of a errors happening down the assembly line, thereby saving up on time and resources, and enabling the timely and systematic completion of our project.

Why Choose Inventive Business Solutions?
  • When you sign a project with us. We will provide a single point of person for contact.
  • We are available for co-ordination until 1200 Hrs CST and provide quick turnaround time.
  • We provide updated schedules at regular intervals with weekly reports, logs, as and when require.
  • We collaborate using various communication tools (Google meet, Microsoft teams) and project management tools like share point.
  • One stop solution for Detailing + Connection Design 
  • We are like your in-house team and have a better coordination.

Our offerings are as following

  • Assistance in the Pre-Bid process
  • Connection design report
  • Mark-up / Erection Drawings
  • Shop Drawings
  • Base Plate / Anchor Bolt Drawings
  • Customized special Reports

As Built Drawings:

  • Revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project
  • They reflect changes made during construction

Inventive Offering:

  • Inventive offers as built drafting services by updating the native files with provided document markups as well as the updating of 3D models, and documents

Following sets of input are needed for final 3D Model generation:

Input Output
Initial Drawings Intermediate Modifications 3D Models/Drawings/Documents.
Scanned PDF’s Hand Sketches
Laser Scans Markup’s

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