Plant Engineering Data Digital Twin

Plant Engineering Data Digital Twin

IBS Plant Engineering data digital Twin solution create centralised data repository of Engineering documents & Data with enterprise-wide information and interconnect equipment (Tags) , documents to its plant 3d view to make it quick and easy to access and navigate.

Plant operators can quickly search Equipment (tags) its related information by connecting to single Plant Digital Twin, deployed in the cloud, on-premises, or both with a hybrid approach, and thus results into reduction in Asset downtime to Improve operational performance.


  • P&ID linked 3D visualization and Navigation of the Plant for users across the organization
  • Single QR code scan Asset Engineering document access while on Plant floor
  • Engineering documents and data with easy search, access and collaboration through Web browser base solution, hence No High cost Proprietary license softwares or applications and Hardware infra required
  • Centralised Dashboard for Engineering Asset data information for multiple plants

Implementation Approach

Inventive initiates project with preparation of Engineering Documents and Data and create a Plant Digital Twin with all engineering drawings, data and PID linked 3D visualization in phase wise manner as per the customer requirement and budget in 4 to 12 months. Each phase has defined outcomes or deliverables with measurable benefits or ROI. The overview of Phase wise approach is as shown below.

Benefits of Solution

  • 50% reduction in price per digitalized engineering document and speed up the digitalization of our client’s engineering documents.
  • 2 mins or less to find Equipment (Tags) information
  • 5% of average time saved on searching for information resulting into 5% of reduction in downtime per plant per day.
  • Thus Company with 20 plants with 300 working days can get (300*0.05*20 ) 300 days of additional production time per year, is equivalent to addition of one new Plant capacity for a year. (Saving CAPEX of new plant)
  • Centralised & optimised Engineering inventory for multiple plants 
  • Best Price discovery with Centralised and Localised procurement with procurement friendly description of assets spare parts
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