Panel Engineering Simplified



ProIintegra is an integrated solution for entire Process and Plant detail engineering.

  • ProPID : Intelligent P & ID can be drawn in AutoCAD along with linkages with equipment data sheets in MS- Excel
  • ProPipe : 3D piping modelling can be done using information from ProPID and ProED. The 3D model created can include piping supports as per requirements.
  • Cable Trays : Engineer can insert cable trays on top of 3D model created in ProPipe. This module provides the facility to draw trenches, junction / terminal boxes, conduits etc in 3D
  • ProED : With link to equipment data sheets, ProED provides facilities to define all parameters required for equipment design. ProED automatically generates equipment GA and fabrication drawings within 10 seconds!

All project deliverables mentioned below are automatic outputs of ProIntegra

  • Line list / Valve List
  • Equipment GA and fabrication drawings
  • Piping isometrics with detail BOQ
  • Piping GA drawings with sectional views at desired locations
  • Piping / Welding / Insulation BOQ automatically in few minutes
  • Cable trays BOQ can be generated automatically
  • Piping supports fabrication drawings with BOQ can be generated automatically
  • 3D Model of entire plant for presentations

ProIntegra is integrated solution for entire detail engineering process!

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