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ProPipe comes with all the features to form a complete 3D piping design solution.

ProPipe provides designers with a full set of time saving intelligent modeling tools for plant design, skid design and other specialized construction.

  • Master Database of various fittings, valves, flanges hardware for various industrial materials and standards
  • Project Creation with details of project, pipe line, fluid codes, MOC classes, specs, floors, branch tables
  • 3D parametric equipment creation with structural items
  • Specs driven Piping 3D Routing tools
  • Solid conversion for converting single line routing to a solid model
  • Various types of Auto-BOMs like classwise items, linewise items, painting, insulation, welding, erection inch-M, valves & instruments lists, nozzles list etc.
  • Automatic Isometric drawings with spool-wise isometric option
  • Automatic 2D Piping GA generation with line numbering tools
  • Interference checking between piping items
  • Intelligent 3D Piping field and skid supports with automatic 2D Drawings and BOM generation
  • ProPipe is 3D modelling based software; hence it gives lot of advantages over manual 2D drafting in terms of visualization, checking interferences and creating plants with good aesthetic views.
  • ProPipe is based on AutoCAD hence very easy to use. Additionally, all AutoCAD commands can be used while working on ProPipe.
  • Since ProPipe is very user friendly, learning curve even at draftsmen level is very low. Training of 2 - 3 days is sufficient for persons having good knowledge of AutoCAD.
  • ProPipe has been developed for a period of 15 years of considering exact and specific requirements of Process Industry and hence it offers only required features, utilities, databases and formats. Any other international software in same field is developed considering overall and general requirements of process industry worldwide and hence they require more time (20-25 days ) for learning compared to ProPipe (2-3 days)
  • ProPipe has database back up for international standards for fittings, valves etc. It also has user-friendly input screens for project creation & administration.
  • ProPipe offers creation of 3D model and entire outputs are generated automatically. All modules are linked together and hence have consistent data sharing between all output drawings.
  • ProPipe generates entire BOM including fasteners; this saves huge amount of time & accuracy of BOM adds to profitability.
  • ProPipe can be easily customized to suit exact requirements, database, existing systems and formats of client.
  • There are no monthly recurring expenses for ProPipe.

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